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Home Services

Friendly and knowledgeable technicians

When your home computer needs repair, you need someone reliable and experienced to get it working again. Isis I.T. hires technicians experienced not only with the technical side of fixing computers but also in customer service. Treating the customer with respect and keeping them informed is a core principle. Before any technician is sent to your home or office, we will evaluate the issue and make sure that the technician we send is experienced in the area of concern.

On-site service and bench work

We offer two methods of service: on-site and bench. On-site work is handled on an hourly rate basis and we come to you when it fits your schedule. On-site service is essential when the issue deals with multiple computers, networking, wireless connectivity, and other items. Bench service allows you to drop off the computer at Isis I.T. and have us complete certain tasks on a flat fee basis. Typical issues include upgrades, hardware issues and replacement, computer tune-ups, removing spyware and viruses, data transfers and data recovery.

What we can do for you? We split most issues into three categories:

1. Fixing problems
Slowness or crashing
Slowness and crashing have many root causes. Viruses and malware are the most frequent issues. We use several virus scanners and malware removal tools to be sure we clean the computer of all issues. A tune-up may also be needed. We check for uneeded programs automatically starting up, optimize the system and update operating system software. When there are extensive problems or errors, reloading software or the operating system may be the best option. That choice can be assessed in the diagnostic stage before any work is done.

Hardware is sometimes the root issue of computer problems. Typical issues are failing hard drives, broken fans, bad RAM (memory), dead power supply, or an issue on the motherboard. We can address all of these issues for you and replace the hardware quickly. If we find that the hard drive is the issue, we will make sure that all data is backed up that can be recovered. If your computer is under warranty, we can take care of the service call for you and troubleshoot with the technician. We can also help the phone technician diagnose the problem more accurately and guard against inexperienced phone technicians.

2. Maintaining

Since you may have had issues in the past or want to avoid them, we can help with maintaining a fast-running computer. Preventing viruses and malware is key, so keeping software up to date along with weekly scans helps a great deal. Normal operating system maintenance also helps. It does not have to be done often, but a regular schedule is important. Finally, backing up vital data is also important. Your data may be photos, documents or banking information. All is essential and can be backed up in several ways that we can set up for you.

3. Upgrading and installing

We can handle any upgrade you need including software, hardware, networking and transitions to new computers. Software upgrades include your operating system or software running on your computer. We will discuss your options to be sure an upgrade is right for you. You might want to upgrade your hardware instead of purchasing a new computer. Our job is to advise you on what hardware upgrades will be the most effective. You may also have new computers to which you need to transition your old data and programs. We can assist on making sure all possible data, programs and settings are moved. You may also want upgrades to your networking. This could include installing or adding to your wireless network, running new cables for a wired network, connecting to the Internet and sharing files between your computers.

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